Monday, 21 March 2016

Online tools for schools

Writing ideas

Circle writing :
can be done on papers or IT devices. A student writes a line or two, and then moves on to the next paper/device, continuing the story there etc

Expanding text:
Give an intriguing sentence. Students start composing a story or a newspaper article about it.

Convincing a sponsor:
Write an e-mail to convince your sponsor to give you certain money for certain things...
Consider: salutation, background and the description of the situation, arguments for and against the decision, conclusions, request, sign-off.

Speaking in groups- important notes for teachers!

Assign roles:
- time-keeper- certain amount of time for each to speak
- language watch- checks that English is used
- leader- checks that everyone can speak
- ... (any other role: praising others...)

Using videos and ICT technology

Online material for using or creating videos with listening tasks included.
Students can respond to listening tasks using their smartphones, tablets, laptop etc

Spider-web speaking

Needed: A roll of string
Takes about 30-50 sec per person.
People-pupils standing in a circle, the teacher helps to spread-divide the string across the circle here and there, people holding the string a web appears.
Then the person holding the roll of string starts speaking (any topic can be used) as long as reaching another person.
Sometimes some "crawling" and "climbing" needs to be done to get the string going... :)

Monday, 3 February 2014

Fun with Grammar- "Blaming and Gossiping in the Past" ;)

Learning grammar can be boring... right? NOOO!!! :D
It can be really fun! For example...

To learn positive and negative past forms play some "blaming"-games
(words in bold could be stressed out, underlined words are negative and positive expressions)
  • Say it with an angry judge expression: John, YOU took my pen!
    John replies: No! I didn't take your pen. Mary took your pen!
    Mary continues: No! I didn't take teacher's pen. James took teacher's pen!
  • Say it as a secret or a gossip (something funny or nasty to make it more fun):
    Start: You know, John ate a spider yesterday...
    The student says: No, John didn't eat a spider, he ate a grasshopper!
    the next student says: No, John didn't eat a grasshopper, he ate a ladybird!

ELT Podcast Episode 3

A new podcast episode available HERE!!!