Tuesday, 4 September 2018


  • Line-up according to... (the first letter of your first name/family name, the distance to your home, number of siblings, birthday etc.)
    BUT "no talking"!!
    No resources needed.
  • What do we have in common?
    Divide into smaller groups.
    Give a few minutes to find 5-6 things that everyone in this group has similar/same. (Could be written down on a paper, or not.)
  • Where do you stand? 
    Point to different sides of classroom (window-door, left-right) or put paper signs on the wall or board, and ask the students to choose...:
    - Do you like more...  winter or summer?
    - Are you... a Morning person or Night person? ...Cat person or Dog person?
    - Would you rather be... in a cinema or on the beach?
    People will stand far along the left hand side or on the far end of the right hand side.
    If they are neutral, they will stand in the middle.
    Possible to continue with discussions, why do you think so etc.
    No equipment needed.
    Or if there is focus on vocabulary in a language class, pictures/flashcards could be used and the learners then use the words when explaining.
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