Friday, 11 January 2013

Shortly about me becoming a teacher- or - To improve or not to improve- that is NOT a question!

Life works mysterious ways and at the age of 30 there was a big change in my life- I was invited to a small country school to become an English teacher. Why do I call it such a big change? Because I had only worked as a part-time accountant, and I only had a qualification of a teacher of health education and social skills. Even more, I had not had any English lessons till then... True. Not one class.
At school I had learned Russian and German only. So- how did I dare to go to the class, or how did the school dare to take me in??? The last- they didn't have a chance, the previous teacher had left a few days before new school year, at least I had some qualification as a teacher, and finally I had promised to start studies of English. And so I did, successfully. But how did I dare to start with something like that is maybe partly because of being young and brave :) or maybe because the pupils were total beginners and I hoped to learn and prepare well before each lesson. And so I did. This is how I happened to become a teacher.
Since then I have tried to do my best to be a good teacher inspiring and motivating young people, to improve my skills every day to cope with it in a better, easier or more enjoyable way. When years pass, it is very easy to fall into a "trap" of everyday routine, to lose excitement and to become boring.... This is what I fear most. I do not want to become another boring exhausted "textbook-workbook-test"-routine teacher!!
And I have found ways of avoiding the traps. In-service training is definitely worth time and effort put into it. But if the training includes travelling abroad (which by rather pitiful teacher's salary would otherwise be impossible), offers new exciting approaches to teaching practice, and at the same time is fun- then it is a hundred times more worth any possible trouble!! Several years ago encouraged by some colleagues I applied for an in-service training course in Britain, was very lucky to have this chance to learn new methodology of teaching English, and it has been one of best experience in my life!
So- to improve or not to improve? - that is not a question! To improve. And if possible, to improve in a nice relaxed fun way.

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  1. Hi Ulle, I just read your motivating mail!
    Great and I'm sure you'll go back with a backpack full of enthusiasm, experience to start your "second" job! I wish you lots of success, have a great time!

    Your Dutch friend!