Sunday, 30 June 2013

On my way...

After a few days of puzzling thoughts like "what-should-be-done-before-leaving" or "bl...y-hell-I-should-be-packing-already!!!" I'm finally sitting at the Tallinn Airport, having probably the most expensive meal of the last few months (but at least it's my own dear Estonian meal, which I am going to miss the next two weeks...).
It felt weird to leave this time.
I've travelled quite a lot due to my work and studies, no fear of flying, not very many problems with finding locations so far, mostly pleasant trip experiences, but...
So, what is it? Am I getting old? Hahaaa... :D
I am definitely going to miss my home, my garden with the river curving around it where to dip in any time of day (or night). I am going to miss seeing all the blooming, berries ripening, bird-watching with morning coffees in the garden house... I am going to long for my dear ones...
What am I going to gain? Two weeks all payed courses and trips in an authentic environment of the language I need to teach is expected to enrich my "package" as a teacher, helping to avoid boring routine in the classrooms, hopefully :) Looking forward to being enlightened again!!!
So long- my dear Estonia!
Hello, good old England! Here I come!!!

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  1. Dear ULle,
    Sometimes we need to grasp a challenge...when we never try we don't know how it is or work out! I'm sure your "backpack" will be packed with lot of precious values and memories!
    Enjoy, open your eye abroad now!