Sunday, 7 July 2013

At the RAMM

The Royal Albert Memorial Museum is a great place to visit! Partly traditional with historical item on the shelves behind the glass, partly modern and interactive with touch-screens and "hands-on" activities. 
See it yourself! 

It is the first time I see a sign in a museum saying "PLEASE TOUCH!
Old fossils and stones really tell us something by touching, indeed

Some objects are behind the glass in darkness
as long as you get interested in them and press the lighted  button

Roman clothes and shoes- try them on! 

Romans used a lot of mosaic patterns.
Here you can try some of them yourself

The net of  trade and handiwork starting with a spinner lady up to the merchant
and what they get or give to each other-
just turn the partition to the other side and you'll see 

Development of Exeter-
touch the button of era and you'll see the city plan at that time

A video memories of survivors at the bombing during the WWII -
with the helping text and sign language

Going to see Albert... ;) 
On the Roman Wall, all alone :)

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