Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Day 10- All day trip to a wonderland :)

Wednesday 10th of July took us to a rather surprising places which we weren't really expecting to see here in England. A small town Totnes was cute, but we passed it way too fast to get a good glimpse of it.
Boarding on a ferry was a bit creepy, because of the huge queue of people and relatively small boat in a medium size river... Was sure it would drown if all the people were let on the board. But it wasn't. Oohh, what a relief!

At first sitting in the benches in a row like diligent school children and breathing in the exhaust-fumes-scented air wasn't actually the idea of a pleasant boat trip. But having summoned up some more courage the discovery started.
On the upper floor in the sunshine and smooth summer breeze everything felt much prettier. Now I noticed wonderful hilly river banks, fields and pastures, cottages almost hidden in the woods... Agatha Christy's house was somewhere there.

Arriving to Darthmouth... Well, there are no words to describe the amazement and surprise when the view just like to the Mediterranean beaches and hills opened in front of us, brownish river was turned into a greenish blue wide creek with some cute little boats and posh yachts floating, attractive colourful rows of houses rising up the hills on both sides. Some of them seemed very old and I'd say like Dutch or German village cottages, others rather typical British stone forts, accompanied with contemporary-looking bright-coloured dwelling houses. One of them looked like a huge marshmallow, just like my good companion Anke said :)

Slightly tiresome hot day was still perfect for discovering such amazing town like Dartmouth. Would never have thought of seeing it otherwise, but now shall recommend it to everyone visiting Britain!

Totnes, view to the place the ferries stop

Our ferry which was supposed to take 450 people on board... 

Ülle in Dartmouth, amazed by the beauty of the town

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