Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Day 2- Hard work

Tuesday, 2 July 2013- a day full of hard work.
No laughing! Yes, the pictures here might seem like having fun, but it was not that easy to make sense of every game we played. Yes, we played, and it can be a really hard work. Look at theu children after their day when sleeping- exhausted, right? Why should it be any easier for us then?

Actually, in-between of games we had rather deep and serious discussions about the rationale, aims, possible modifications for different levels etc etc. As there were so many good ideas of games and activities, I am going to write separate posts about some of them and put them under special keywords or topics to be easily found later.

Evening pub-walk - also a hard work- many kilometers of walking in the middle of pastures to get to the pub. I wonder why they have set a pub so far away from the city and a tiny footpath only leading to it? Maybe the Britons become very wild when they have a pint and that is why it is placed far away from people? Probably, yeah, for moral reasons as well, to keep the drinkers away from a public sight... ;) :D
A million-dollar quiz question: On the door of which facility you can find that kind of sign in Britain? :D 

Dripping sky tonight. Well, the water needs to get down anyways, and we need a good weather tomorrow afternoon, so- let it rain!

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