Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Day 3- Coordination and spontanity day + toughness test

Wednesday, the 3rd July was a day full of concentration, coordination and spontaneous action in our trainings with Mr Richard Clark. Fun, of course, but not always easy at all. The notes about the activities will be posted separately, and hopefully more clearly after we have got the full pack of handouts with the descriptions of what we have done.

The rest of the day was a toughness test.
The Dartmoor National Park is a wonderful place to see and visit! Again, not easy for everybody with all its hills, when walking up and down, up and down. Going up- that's quite an effort, to be honest... '
Views, nature, rocks and Tors- still worth all of it!
But- let the pictures speak for themselves...

The best group of IPC in Darmoor National Park ;)

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