Monday, 8 July 2013

Day 8 - weekend-talks, heathwave and diligent learners

After a nice and busy weekend (not for everybody, though...) a new week greeted us with stuffy hot day.
Starting the day with "tell us about your weekend" didn't seem to be the thing to switch me on the working mode...
Going on with colloquial language was a strenuous task, casting light to some strange expressions we'd heard. Then- a serious work on our presentations... Almost skipped the lunch for that.

The afternoon was even hotter, almost bringing to a black out.
Still- diligent and eager learners as ourselves (khm-khm... blowing our own trumpets now :) ) we still kept on working on drama- the thing that actually interests most of us, and gives us a real kick.
Discovering texts, subtexts and the 5 Ws (who? where? when? why? what?), giving the meaning to the plain lines of dialogues really brought out some bright moments of great fun and revealed some real talents among us (as well as exposed naivety of some ;) )

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