Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Day 9- Real work on drama plus performance-anxiety ;)

Tuesday 9th of July was another great day when the IPC course organizers had ordered a wonderful weather for us :)

At the course it was a hardworking day, actually, as we were dealing with texts or situations, and were supposed to start building up the scenario. At first it took a while to decide on the topic, as the news stories for its basis were on rather brutal or painful topics such as kidnapping, abandoning a child, mugging an old man etc. Somehow we ended up with the child kidnapping. The existing characters were put on the board as well as some fictional. We were scattered around the room, not facing anyone, closing our eyes, and were trying to think- who am I in this story? what do I know/ think/ have to say about what happened? etc Richard walked around the room, touching one's shoulder let him or her speak out loud. Some very interesting stories came out, just as characters. Richard took notes of what we had said, and it was summed up. 

Trying to put down the scenes, well, wasn't that easy at all. But the more we worked on the ideas when and how and who we'd like the audience to see and what to hear, the more it seemed to become reasonable for such story development. Each scene was supposed to be acted out by several groups then, the best ideas of the beginning, course and ending should be written down, and - you'll get the best scene! 

We probably didn't have much of a lunch break today...
because we were asked by Carol (another teacher trainer dealing with us) to present a performance-kind of a task which was supposed to show what we have experienced here in Exeter, and at the same time to be like learning idiomatic language and colloquials...
We had done our best to work through this task, I think, because the performances were enjoyable, funny and lots of expressions were revised over and over again. Hopefully, at least us will remember them now...
Being over the moon or under the weather, to know his onions or be as bright as a button... :)

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