Friday, 12 July 2013

Drilling hard words in a thrilling way :)

Özgen from Turkey presented a very thrilling way of revising and memorizing words that are hard to remember.  
* A 4x4 table is drawn on the board. 
* Words are written into each cell. 
Words are asked from learners: Which word you think is difficult to remember? 
(Or the choice of words could be limited by the unit or vocabulary set that needs to be revised)
* One learner calls out one word (not the one that he or she said but someone else's )
* The person who proposed this word must very quickly call out another word from the table 
* If the word is mispronounced or otherwise false- the player falls out of the game and this person's word is crossed out and must not be said any more 
* when hesitating for too long- the player falls out the game and his/her word is crossed out 

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