Wednesday, 3 July 2013

"Put somebody in his place"

This game is played with small playing cards ( numbers 2-10 and aces).
The cards show your position, your importance so that 10 is the most important and honoured person and ace as number 1 is the less important person. Could be many 2s or other numbers according to the number of learners). 

Players don't see their card. We attached it to our foreheads just by making them wet with water and then sticking them to our foreheads.
Walking around you show to the people around just by your attitude, body language, phrases (requests, comments etc) what is his/her place. One should not say directly the other person's number, but just show it, express it some other way. Numbers 8, 9 and 10 got nothing but compliments, flattering and bowing to the grounds, while aces, 2s and 3s were asked to bring another beer, clean up the floor or just got sniffing faces and turning away from them... :D  Some expressions or phrases could be promted to weaker learners. 

Finally everyone is asked to form a line from 10 to ace where you think your place should be.
No need to be necessarily in the right place. No faults here. Just explaining why did you think so.
A follow-up could be: 
discussion/writing about peoples' attitudes towards people with different positions, how it felt to be flattered in not a very natural way, or how it felt to be humiliated or not noticed at all. 

Me and Magda were treated worse than our cards showed, actually, but it was still fun!!! 

Magda, Erdim and Sofia- happy with their places in ranking still :) 

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