Monday, 3 February 2014

Fun with Grammar- "Blaming and Gossiping in the Past" ;)

Learning grammar can be boring... right? NOOO!!! :D
It can be really fun! For example...

To learn positive and negative past forms play some "blaming"-games
(words in bold could be stressed out, underlined words are negative and positive expressions)
  • Say it with an angry judge expression: John, YOU took my pen!
    John replies: No! I didn't take your pen. Mary took your pen!
    Mary continues: No! I didn't take teacher's pen. James took teacher's pen!
  • Say it as a secret or a gossip (something funny or nasty to make it more fun):
    Start: You know, John ate a spider yesterday...
    The student says: No, John didn't eat a spider, he ate a grasshopper!
    the next student says: No, John didn't eat a grasshopper, he ate a ladybird!

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