Saturday, 13 July 2013

An ambitious city architect

A group activity with setting posing each other as sculptures, some speaking can be added according to the level of participants.

It would be good to start this game with the line-up:
Who's the strongest starts the line, who thinks he or she is not that strong to the end of the line.
Participants can either just decide how strong they are or compete with minor activities like arm-wrestling or pulling forefingers, but mostly just by looking at each other, miming and just deciding.
(It is necessary, because the first participants have to be able to stand in different positions for longer time and they shouldn't be complaining...)

Once upon a time there was a nice city, and in this city there as a nice park with a statue (the first player comes and stands like a statue / sculpture)
In this city there was a very ambitious city architect (the next player comes in) who didn't like this statue, and decided to change it. (the next player sets the "statue" into a new position)
And as this architect was very ambitious, he/she also wanted to have his/her own statue to be in this park (the "architect" poses next to the statue as a new statue)
A new architect was hired in this city, and he/she was also very ambitious. He/She didn't like those statues and decided to change them...

Activities repeated- new architect changes the poses, then stands near them as a new statue, a new architect comes and changes...

Speaking added: depends on the level of learners- gives a name to the set of statues, explains what is the set of statues about, or explains while setting the statues into new poses who they were and why are they standing here like this etc

Examples of statue sets performed at the IPC drama course in Exeter are as follows...

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